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Welcome to Detail Therapy, the leading provider of on-the-go automotive detailing services in the bustling city of Chicago. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we bring our top-notch detailing expertise directly to your doorstep.

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Paint Correction & Polishing

Restore that New-Car Glow!

Revitalize your vehicle’s paint with professional paint correction and polish. Say goodbye to scratches and swirl marks, and hello to a flawless, showroom-worthy finish. Stage 1 and Stage 2 paint polish and correction deliver remarkable benefits for your vehicle’s paintwork.


Stage 1

With Stage 1, our skilled technicians meticulously remove surface imperfections like swirl marks, light scratches, and oxidation, restoring a brilliant and flawless finish. This process not only enhances the overall appearance of your car but also prepares the surface for further protection, ensuring optimal adhesion of coatings or sealants.


Stage 2:

For those seeking even higher levels of perfection, Stage 2 paint polish and correction takes the process to the next level. Our experts employ advanced techniques to address deeper scratches, heavy swirl marks, and paint defects, bringing your car’s paintwork to its utmost potential. This comprehensive treatment results in a mirror-like shine and unparalleled clarity, showcasing the true beauty of your vehicle. Whether you’re aiming to impress at a car show or simply want to experience a showroom-quality finish, Stage 1 and Stage 2 paint polish and correction services are the ideal solutions to transform your car’s appearance and elevate its aesthetic appeal.